• Punakha Dzong

    Winter Capital of Bhutan

  • Old Bhutanese Woman

    An old hardworking Bhutanese Woman

  • Dances of Bhutan

    Bhutanese festival dancer.

  • Black-necked Crane

    Black-necked Crane at Phobjikha Valley

People and Food of Bhutan


Ethnice diversity of people in Bhutan so there are certains ethnic diversity in food, espically northern indian cuisine and tibetian cuisine are mostly mixed. Most of ingredients are chillies, onion, ginger, garlice, mushroom and some of the local grown vegetables. Beef, yak meat, chicken and pork are mostly used. Red rice are mostly grown in western, centeral and north part of Bhutan. Southern region they grow white rice. Bhutanese they use chillies as vegatable and Bhutan national dish is Emadatshi ( Chillies wth cheese). Bhutanese tea known as is kown as suja ( Butter tea mixed with salt).

Basic Economy

The ecomony is based on agriculture abd forestry and provides the livelihoods for 90 % of population. Agriculture is primarily subsistence farming and animal husbandry. Different region they grow different types of cash crops like people in south they grow oranges, people central grow apples, North they collect for cydrcep and central and eastern they grow potatos.

Commercial Activities: Cottage industries, which include weaving, painting, arts and crafts works etc, account for majority production.

Major Industries: Productin of cemen, processed fruits, alcoholic beverages, calcium carbite, Other exports include spices, gypsum, cement, and precious stones.
Country backbone of Economy are tourism and Elecricity. Electricity is a major export item and is exported to India.

Bhutan Population

Bhutan has population of 741,822 people in 2012, which represents an increasea of 12,393 people compared to 2011.

Bhutan is # 157 among the 182 countries which published this information in DatosMacro.com.
The male population is greater, with 398,474 men, representing 53.71% of the total, compared to 343,348 or 46.28% women.

Bhutan is a country with a very low population density, with 19 people per square km and it was in position 33rd in our ranking of density population in 2012 . You can see population details from 2002 till 2012 as follows.

Year Population Male Female Density
2012 741,822 398,474 343,348 19
2011 729,429 391,641 337,788 19
2010 716,939 384,735 332,204 19
2009 704,542 377,924 326,618 18
2008 692,159 371,133 321,026 18
2007 679,365 363,965 315,400 18
2006 665,568 355,870 309,698 17
2005 650,417 346,521 303,896 17
2004 633,893 335,806 298,087 17
2003 616,383 324,059 292,324 15
2002 598,455 311,953 286,502 15
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